Argo Restaurant in Santorini, Fira

A delicious journey at the heart of Santorini, Fira town

A tasty trip begins in Argo restaurant in Fira, Santorini and at the heart of the beautiful capital of Santorini, Fira. Full of flavors from around the world, Argo restaurant in Santorini with its elegant spaces, relaxing decor, great views of the caldera and the sunset will travel you around the world through the flavors of the new age cuisine. Starting point is Fira, Santorini.

Overlooking the breathtaking view of the unique Santorini Caldera you will be overwhelmed by strong emotions. On the different levels of Argo restaurant in Fira, you will enjoy your lunch or dinner with suggestions from an inspired menu that emphasises in seafood, Mediterranean flavours without missing international touches.

Delicious appetizers, fresh salads, succulent meats and fresh seafood meets the imagination and enthusiasm of the people of Argo restaurant in Fira, Santorini in an environment decorated with style and details that draw their inspiration from the sea and the Cyclades.

For a romantic dinner, to meet up with friends, for a wedding reception, but also for a corporate meeting or any kind of event at Argo restaurant in Fira Santorini you will enjoy one of the best gastronomic experiences in Santorini.

Are you ready for a culinary trip around the world?

Welcome to the restaurant Argo!

Argo Restaurant by Constantin

Constantinos Chatzopoulos is not the classic restaurateur. He is the man who inspired Argo restaurant through his travels and his rich curriculum and welcomes you every day in to the Argo Restaurant in Fira, Santorini.  Always ready to become your companion in the culinary journey prepared for you, along with all the cheerful restaurant team of Argo restaurant in Fira. He will be by your side to suggest, laugh and share his love for taste, travel and beauty.

Argo Renovation 2013

Every season is a new season

In 2013 the Argo Restaurant radically changed the kitchen premises by removing all chimneys and putting carbon filters, which do not pollute the environment.

Also, the kitchen area has been renovated entirely. Now the kitchen of the restaurant Argo is environmentally friendly with «green» facilities, which do not pollute the atmosphere with the fumes from the kitchen. The Argo restaurant is thus one of the few restaurants in Santorini having a completely eco-friendly kitchen premises.

.... More space (s), more pleasure (s)!

The renovation of Argo did not stop at just the kitchen. The terraces and spaces of the restaurant have been renovated as well, adding even more "corners" for you to enjoy the tastes of Argo restaurant and the wonderful views of the caldera of Fira.

Premises of Argo Restaurant added one private space of eight people with colorful sofas and great views. At the discreet "isolation" of the prive terrace you will enjoy the delicious flavors of the menu and beautiful moments with your friends.