Restaurant Consulting

Konstantinos Chatzopoulos with a team of experienced associates undertakes the mission to give your business all the necessary 'know how' that will turn your restaurant into a successful one.
More specifically, the restaurant team of Argo undertakes the setup of your restaurant from the beginning with creative "additions" that will boost your restaurant's image. Works include the decoration, menu editing, photo shooting, web site design, staff training and anything needed for an effective result always in collaboration with you. Our experience ensures the creation of a restaurant that will hold a strong position in the market thanks to its delicious tastes, the proper organization and the excellent online presence.


Restaurant Consulting: Aroma Lounge "City Stars" in Cairo, Egypt.
Constantine Chantzopoulos visited Egypt to renew the cafe- restaurant Aroma Lounge, located in the largest shopping mall in Cairo, the City Stars Center.
In full cooperation with the owners, management and all the staff of Aroma Lounge Constantine Hatzopoulos, with the experience of the successful Argo Restaurant in Fira, Santorini, gave "new life" in the famous meeting point of Cairo.
Organizing small lectures focused on each stage and level of the restaurant functions and with step by step tips on food preparation, service, management of raw materials, but also with additions on decoration, Aroma Lounge City Stars Center entered a new era and had a brand new air with the restaurant consulting of Constantine Chantzopoulos.
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