Menu at Argo Restaurant in Fira, Santorini

Wander through the pages of the menu of Argo restaurant in Fira. Traditional flavors of the island, Mediterranean proposals and options from around the world create a menu with dishes made with simple materials to reach unique tastes by combiningspecial products in executions that charm the palate and entice all the senses.

Flavors of Santorini

One of the reasons that Santorini is famous all over the world is because of the particular terrain; with a soil of volcanic origins provides unique products that you will not find anywhere else. We start with the red cherry tomato, the one with the hard skin and the explosive flavor that dominates Santorini salad. The fava of  Santorini is also unique. Just fava or in other delicious combinations such as the octopus and spicy sauce that you find in the pages of Argo restaurant menu in Fira, these particularbeans will delight you. We continue with the white eggplant, sweeter than the others to meet the capers of Santorini which are the perfect complement for many recipes in Argo restaurant in Santorini.