Tastes at Argo Restaurant in Fira, Santorini

Delicious dishes with ingredients from all over Greece to Argo restaurant in Fira

The flavors of the restaurant Argo, made with carefully selected raw materials inspired by classic and innovative recipes, prepared with passion, love and enthusiasm are creating a menu that leaves no one unmoved and takes you on a culinary tour in many corners of the world.

With raw materials provided by the soil of Santorini, carefully chosen products from all around Greece, such as our delicious cheeses and fine olive oil, the freshest fish of the Aegean sea and all sorts of delicious treats we prepare a mouth-watering journey around the world every sunny day.

Start with appetizers like Santorini fava, proposals with the-unique white eggplant, fresh tomato and "patatina" a specialty with potatoes and eggs. In the restaurant you can enjoy the unique Argo shrimp soup that will win you with the refreshing sea aroma and taste.

Try dishes inspired by Greek and international cuisine prepared daily and salads with fresh vegetables in imaginative combinations that are marrying tradition and flavor in a verysummery way.

Vegetarians in Argo restaurant can choose from a range of proposals with the vegeterian risotto to wins on points and thevegetarian moussaka with the wonderful combination of vegetables that gives a vegetarian dimension to this classic Greek recipe.

The lovers of Greek cuisine can enjoy slow cooked lamb stew, one of the most delicious Greek dishes. While pizzas with thin crispy dough give an Italian flair to your meal. Do not miss the famous lobster spaghetti that can be prepared for 2 to 6 people.

The gourmet touches "take off" your senses with fave accompanied by spicy octopus, sea bass cooked and served with mustard sauce and the paella with chicken and seafood to be the perfect dish to share for the couples who visit the restaurant Argo.

One of the strongest “stops” of the menu delights is the fresh fish. The fresher fish form the Aegean Sea comes from the kitchens of the restaurant Argo prepared properly or cooked in delicious combinations of flavors. If you want to try them all prefer the dish with a variety of fresh seafood but do not miss the calamari stuffed with feta and sun-dried tomato and seafood skewers or whatever fish you want to "fill" your meal with fresh and tasty sea breeze.

Complete your meal with a "traditional" mosaic dessert or a freshly brewed chocolate pie with the rich flavor where the chocolate melts slowly in your mouth and complete your meal inthe restaurant Argo in the heart of Fira, Santorini in the most delicious way.

Keep the flavors of Argo restaurant in Fira through our recipes.

Cheerful Spirits

The cellar of Argo restaurant is full of suggestions from Santorini's vineyard and not only 'Powerful' white wines but red wines full of character. With the delicious vinsanto create a wine list full of interesting proposals accompanying perfect your lunch or dinner.

If you fancy a cocktail then there are four different versions of the mojito the classic mojito, with ouzo or ginger give a summery tone to the flavors and the moments at Argo restaurant. You can also enjoy a frozen strawberry margarita or Volcano Ice Vodka cocktail with a "secret" combination of fruits.

Argo Vitamin Point

A brand new Healthy and Pop Caldera Point

A new proposal from the Argo Restaurant for even more enjoyable and "healthy" walks on the streets of Fira. The Argo Vitamin Point is ready to offer fresh fruit juices, smoothies, cocktails and cool frozen yogurt in delicious combinations of flavors.

With an emphasis on the freshness of the products and a great variety of berries, the vitamin oriented juices and frozen yogurt of Argo Vitamin Point will delight you with its wonderful tastes. You can ask them to prepare a fresh juice with fruit of your choice, or choose from the suggestions of Argo Vitamin Point. So, if you want to keep yourself «Fit», if you are «... on a diet», or you simply feel «Very berry», the yummy smoothies and fresh juices of Argo Vitamin Point will keep you «awake» in a real summer and refreshing way.

You can take the suggestions of Argo Vitamin Point with you (take away), and also order them to accompany your meal at the restaurant Argo. Designed and decorated in «summery» and pop tones, the Argo Vitamin Point will quench your thirst and stimulate you in the most "healthy" way.