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Santorini, the most romantic place in the world

Santorini, an island shaped by lava, the strong winds of the Aegean and the relentless force of the sea; it is almost inconceivable that such a savage land could yield so much beauty. Thanks to its unique energy and ambiance, Santorini, one of the most romantic places on earth, attracts thousands of visitors every year; they come for the exorbitant romance this place emits; they come to admire the unique architecture, simple yet so bold and formidable; they come for the exhilarating rush on all their senses. From the awe-inspiring sunsets to the finger-licking tastes, Santorini is a journey to sensations you never dreamed existed.

In this glorious island, “Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village in a secluded property in Kontochori, just 5 minutes away from Fira, offers its guests a unique gastronomic journey to Greek and Mediterranean flavors and a seductive environment specially designed to match their culinary adventure. In an extraordinary venue of 4500 m2, “Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village boasts special experiences including  wine tastings, cooking classes, essential essence production workshops and many more, providing amazing insights into the culture of Santorini and Greece.