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Santorini Island

Santorini, the most romantic place in the world

Santorini, an island shaped by lava, the strong winds of the Aegean and the relentless force of the sea; it is almost inconceivable that such a savage land could yield so much beauty. The caldera of Santorini is probably one of the most romantic places on earth, and its magnificent energy attracts thousands of visitors every year; they come for the exorbitant romance this place emits; they come to admire the unique architecture, simple yet so bold and formidable; they come for the exhilarating rush on all their senses. From the awe-inspiring sunsets to the finger-licking tastes, Santorini is a journey to sensations you never dreamed existed.

The caldera of Santorini, with all its imposing beauty and the hidden marvels around every corner, offers the perfect setting for a fascinating getaway, an island-chic wedding or an utterly romantic honeymoon. In the centre of the caldera and the town of Fira, Argo Restaurant sums up the essence of Santorini in a gastronomic adventure; decadent, palate-pleasing tastes in a seductive environment towering over the amazing caldera, the sea and the volcano. You will find Argo Restaurant just above the Old Port of Santorini, in the heart of the island’s capital, the amazingly beautiful Fira.