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Restaurant Consulting

Improve and optimize every aspect of your restaurant

Konstantinos Chatzopoulos and his team can help you in any aspect of organizing your new restaurant or rethinking the structures and operations of your existing business. The Argo Restaurant Consulting team will inspect your establishment, share your vision and focus on improving and optimizing your restaurant in terms of profitability, hospitality management, recipe development and effective staff training and marketing strategies.

Our long experience in the field and the undeniable success of Argo Restaurant is a guarantee that you will be able to enact and maintain a smooth and effective operating practice for your restaurant, transforming it into a successful business. During our consulting process, your budget, your objectives and your facilities and staff will be analyzed in order to identify your setbacks and challenges and to suggest actionable and efficient strategies that would significantly improve your overall operation’s performance.

Whether you wish to improve, renovate or reinvent your restaurant business or you wish to start a business with the adequate infrastructure in its every aspect, then Konstantinos Chatzopoulos and his team have the perfect solution for you. For an initial assessment or any additional inquiry, contact Konstantinos Chatzopoulos at or at +30 22860 22594.

Exciting News from Doha, Qatar!
We were delighted when the new project for a Greek restaurant in the heart of the Cultural Village Katara in the capital Doha of Qatar was agreed! Konstantinos is now ready to embark on an exciting consulting journey to the exotic Doha! Hellas by Constantin is a highly anticipated restaurant with sea views, high-end luxurious premises, chic Greek decoration details and a genuinely Hellenic menu with tastes that draw inspiration from the delicious Greek cuisine! Stay tuned for more information and details about this thrilling Restaurant Consulting experience!

Project Info
Country: Qatar
City: Doha
Location: Cultural Village Katara
Type: Greek Restaurant
Name: Hellas by Constantin
Restaurant Consultant: Konstantinos Chatzopoulos
Due: 2018