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Weddings & Events

The perfect venue for your wedding in Santorini

The island of Santorini is the top destination for elegant, romantic weddings, and a wedding reception in Argo Restaurant is the fairytale finale to the greatest day of your life! The Argo Restaurant balconies feature spectacular views to the sea, the sunset and the volcano of Santorini, and a wedding reception on any of them is an idyllic affair that none of your guests will ever forget. The venue is customizable to the theme or the décor style of your wedding, whereas several extra amenities can be added to your special day. Fireworks, music, special treats and a glorified menu will signal the beginning of your joint life together in the most exquisite and impressive style.

In a consultation with our head chef and our team of event experts, you can choose amongst proposals from the Argo Restaurant menu or create a bespoke menu tailor-made just for you and your special day. The delightful tastes of Argo restaurant are at your disposal to pick the ones that best fulfill your vision; whether you opt for a formal sit-down dinner, a lavish buffet or a jovial cocktail party, the perfect menu will be designed to fit to your particular wishes and desires.

The mesmerizing atmosphere of Argo Restaurant, its mouth-watering tastes and the impeccable service make it the quintessential choice for your wedding reception or any other event and celebration you wish to host in Fira.


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