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Weddings & Events

The perfect venue for your wedding in Santorini

The island of Santorini is the top destination for elegant, romantic weddings, and a wedding reception in the magical “Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village is the fairytale finale to the happiest day of your life! The venue, stretching at an area of 4.500 m2, offers spectacular views to the Aegean Sea, premium services and facilities, so that you and your guests will never forget your wedding celebration. The venue can be decorated according to the style of your choice, whereas several extra amenities can be added to your special day. Our team collaborates with the most experienced professionals, taking care of every little detail regarding the venue, the menu and the flow to offer you an unforgettable experience during the most special day of your life. 

We offer you a greek family-style service and a sit-down buffet menu based on the delightful recipes of “Argo Restaurant by Constantin". Moreover we can also set up a cocktail bar in the pool area for you and your guests to enjoy this day to the fullest!
The mesmerizing atmosphere of “Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village, its mouth-watering tastes and the impeccable services make it the quintessential choice for your wedding reception or any other event and celebration you wish to host in Santorini.


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Wedding favours 

On the most beautiful day of your life, give your guests something special for them to remember the occasion. These small gifts are handmade with materials from the land of Santorini, like most of the essential oils we use for the aromas. Candles and soaps in various sizes and shapes, made of pure olive oil, essential oils, small jars with wishes, flowers, shells and volcano sand, and many more. All of our wedding favours can be signed with your names. Price list will be send to you upon request. 


Gift-card for candle light dinner, interactive tour or special surprises!


Purchase a gift card for someone you love and make their vacation special!
Terms & Conditions for gift cards:

  1. The gift card is sent to your email address or to the recipient of your choice.
  2. Valid for 2 year from the date of issue.
  3. Gift cards are not redeemable for cash.
  4. At least 2 weeks prior contact us for Restaurant reservation is required.
  5.  Please contact us to buy your voucher! 



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