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"Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village

Inspirational tastes for a gastronomic journey

Ingredient focused creations that extol the unique products of Santorini; playful twists on time-tested classics that you’ll fall in love with; beautifully executed and presented chef d’oeuvres; proceed with caution! The tastes of "Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village can be addictive!

The vision of the creator of "Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village is to concoct dishes that praise the origin of their ingredients and excite all the senses with their tastes, their aromas, and their presentation. This creative flair, together with impeccable service and an indulging ambiance leads to the soul-satisfying experience that is a meal at "Argo Restaurant by Constantin" Village in Santorini.

The wonders start at the base: handpicked ingredients from our own hydroponic garden and selected local farms all around Greece, freshly caught fish and seafood, fine local cheeses and extra virgin olive oil. Rare treasures such as the smooth Santorinian fava, the delicious cherry-tomatoes that the island is famed for, and the one-of-a-kind white eggplant of Santorini in a symphony of flavor and appetizing tastes, of tradition, innovation and passion. The perfect complement, an extensive wine cellar and a rich selection of cocktails, drinks and freshly squeezed juices, will add their titillating aftertaste to your Argo experience.


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